6 en 7 MEI 2017




Each year, the "Briard Vereniging Nederland" is organizing the Championship club match for briards of all ages. There is a double CAC (championship point) to win for the most beautiful dog and bitch of the day. Registration for the clubmatch from 4 months.

In the same weekend, the BVN is organizing a selection day with the possibility to participate the temperament test for the briard (required for selection). Also, you can subscribe to this day only a character test. Registration for the selection is for briards from 15 months..

It promises to be a nice weekend, always cozy and easily accessible because of its location near the highway in the middle of the Netherlands. A perfect weekend to meet with many different Briards and their owners. Saturday will end with a nice bbq, which you can register via the registration form. You can camp on the grounds of the Zilfia's Hoeve. Catering is available.


On both days, there is the possibility to do the CSNB test. The cheek swab is taken by Hans Neleman, veterinary. You will receive the official results of the Dr. Haeringen institute of Wageningen. Cost € 29,50 per Dog.
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Clubmatch on op 06-05-2017 en de Selectie on 07-05-2017.

Registration closed


Championclubmatch Selection
Mr. Jan de Gids dogs Mr. Jan de Gids
Mr. Marzio Santopietro bitches Mr. Marzio Santopietro




Friday 5 mei:

  • Arrival campers

Saterday 6 mei:

  • Judging dogs: Mr. Jan de Gids
  • Judging teven: Mr. Marzio Santopietro
  • Best gray briard: Delilah grise van de Hoolhoeve bokaal


Sunday 7 mei:

  • Judging:de heer Jan de Gids en de heer Marzio Santopietro


  • Camping is possible on the ground of the Zilfia’s Hoeve


Participation selection:

  • the registered dog has been examined for HD with the following results HD A or HD B.
  • the registered dog must have a CSNB test with the result free or carrier.
  • if the entered dog has endured the behavioral test of the BVN, he does not have to do it on the day of the selection.
  • all copies (pedigree,HD, CSNB test and the BVN behavior test) can be sent until 01-09-2017 to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.



Manege Zilfia’s Hoeve
Fortweg 1
3992 LX Houten

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